Off The Shoulder

Hello, darlings.

I’m I the only one who walked into this trend late? Off-the-shoulder trend. Well, I wouldn’t define my style as trend-driven but when I saw this top I immediately fell in love with it. One because of the colour, I do vibrancy. Two because it is sheer and three because it is cut out at the arms. It is the type of top you would want to wear on a hot day.

I wore it with white frayed denim pants and peep-toe laced heels. Being that the top was making its own statement I decided to do minimal accessories.

Dress and shoes @Vostilook.

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    1. Grace Odawo says

      Thank you, dear.

  1. Fayth darlene says

    I’m looking for the same… Trust me Gracy…kwanza hiyo top na kiatu mwaaaaaeest

    1. Grace Odawo says

      Thank you, Kwa Vostilook huwezi kosa. Check them out on instagram @vostilook

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