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Hello, darlings…
When it clocked to 2017, my first resolution was to start over as well as let go of things and people and just allowing myself to grow. This began by me clearing my closet and giving away most of my stuff. It followed by me cutting links with people whom I felt like I was forcing a friendship with.
In my previous post, I had mentioned that I’m taking my blog to the next level, which starts from branding. It crossed my mind that in order to be taken seriously I need to brand myself well. In past two years, I have struggled with people not familiarising with Moda Explotitudor, let alone spelling and pronunciation being a challenge for many.
When I started Moda Explotitudor in 2014 it was a hobby. I thought it would just be about dressing up, posing for pictures and sharing on social media. The past two years have been enlightening, I have realised that there’s more to Fashion and Lifestyle blogging which could actually be a business.

Flashback, to when I finished studying for my undergrad in Linguistics, Media & Communication. There was a lot to think about like what I really want to do both career-wise and with my life. Growing up I always wanted to be a news anchor and own a boutique. I later come to realise that there’s a lot that I can do from what I studied in college, which I evaluated during my internship period. I want to be more involved in Digital marketing, to be a fashion model and a brand ambassador. Don’t get me wrong, haven’t yet given up on my dream. If I ever get an opportunity to be a TV host or news anchor I’ll take it.

Flash-forward to 2017. This year is about me pushing myself to do scary things, to take risks and challenge myself to be brave and bold. I used to be afraid of change. My blog running out of space was maybe a wake-up call that I actually need to move to a new home. Making that big step of rebranding came with its own challenges, like choosing a name. All the simple names that crossed my mind were already taken. Then I was a bit dumb in website building, don’t even start with the codes and software terms.

Finally, with the help of a good friend, I managed to move with some of my interesting posts which most of you liked. I settled on my own name as my brand name. Some of you might have noticed that my social media account names changed. A new brand name came with a new website design which was developed by my good friend, Fred. will be about fashion and everything lifestyle. My goal is to do more, share more, and work with other brands to bring you inspiring content. This new home is about connecting with you, my viewers in a more fun way.
Feel free to let me know your thoughts about our new home.

Dress and shoes @Vostilook.

Photography by Agovisuals.

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Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Elvis says

    Our new home is awesome!! Grace am here to support you as your fan all the way.Cheers!

    1. Grace Odawo says

      Thank you Elvis for your support and for stopping by.

    1. Grace Odawo says

      Thank you Rachel.

  2. Moe says

    Loving the new look! Loving you in that dress! 🙂 Change is scary at times, but it’s for the best! All the best in your plans Grace!:)

    1. Grace Odawo says

      Thank you dearie

    1. Grace Odawo says

      Thank you Esther.

  3. sherry says

    kudos dear, i pray and hope that you will get to where you wanna be. the website is amazing and i love how you have arranged it. it’s now much easier to get older posts and also to access what one wants.

    1. Grace Odawo says

      Thank you, dear. I appreciate your feedback.

  4. bree says

    Cheers to new beginnings!

    1. Grace Odawo says

      Thank you.

  5. winnie ogumbo says

    Truely amazing you keep on girl .new year new brand nd more exicitin things to came cant wait.

    1. Grace Odawo says

      Thank you, I appreciate you stopping by.

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